Europe, part 2 of 4.

Dear readers, October 23d 2017. We flew from Belgium to Venice, Italy  yesterday and today we went around Venezia. I started my day with a slice of Italian pizza. Since Venice is a city surrounded by water, there are no cars. Instead people’s main means of transport is water bus! It was amazing how it ran just like a regular bus with stops and tickets and stations despite it being a boat. We arrived at St.Marco and it was packed with tourists! []

You’ll be fine, I promise.

Dear readers, Welcome, this is All Things Kiki. Do you like the new site design? So this blog is about reinvention and growth. Human beings can never remain the same it just does not work like that, some of us make the conscious decision to change while some of us just have it happen to us because of so many different reasons, good things and bad things change us as people. I noticed that so many people make decisions so early in []

Let it be.

Natural hair is such a big craze lately, with both female and male members of society of all hair types. This is []

Not my usual kind of blog.

Dear readers, I know, I am weeks late for this blog but I just got back from Europe and the whole settling in process has been quite the struggle… that and I had no idea what to blog about! But my blogging angel provided me with inspiration! So without further a do: My mother would tell me tales of the boogie man, he came for little girls and boys who did not eat their vegetables. For such a long period of my []