This princess wears T-shirts.

Dear readers,

Here’s the thing with the world today, we as girls and ladies are forced to stick to a certain way of dressing, forced to present ourselves in a certain way, and just meet an expectation set by social standards. Not just for females but for males as well. I have seen this among families in Africa and probably all around the world, this, in fact is not a problem of today’s day and age, because it quite frankly has become alot better in the past couple years, but it has been around for a while. 

But here’s the thing, you don’t have to wear an item because the Kardashians are wearing it. You don’t have to support an ideology because your friends are supporting it and you do not have to conform to something because your parents, peers, leaders or celebrities say you should. Now, respect is very important, do not get me wrong, but I like to say that style is a reflection of your personality, clothing is expressive.

It is important to be respectful however, whether to your parents or to a different culture as much as we stay true to ourselves.

Wear what has a significance to you and your values and what you believe in. Wear what makes you comfortable, not what everyone would rather see you wear. At the end of the day you need to make yourself happy, not make other people happy.

For this blog post, I wore something I found in the Mr.Price men’s section. I do not know what it would be on a guy so if you are a guy and you know, leave a comment below.

This one is for when your in a girly, sexy but boyish and relaxed mood. Because humans are indecisive. Paired with my favorite bracelts and a wrap scarf. You can find some of these on Amazon or at your favorite clothing store.

Who says girls can’t rock things out of the men’s section?

Readers, fashion is about rules, style is about you.

 So I’ve gone on and on with this ‘dress for you’ mumbo jumbo, but what is my look this week signifying? Well… I guess I want to break the cliche that is ‘you can’t look cool if your in a dress!’ And yes I am fully aware I have not established whether or not this item is a dress, but I will call it a dress.

Girls love to say how they are so cool so they hate dresses. But girls, you can create the ‘cool and comfortable’ look with a one piece item.

And note that, you don’t have to wear a type of clothing to prove to people that you are something you know deep down, that you are not. Stay true to who you are.

 So girls and boys, wander off into a different clothing store, a different section, or dye your hair a different color!!! Whatever makes you happy. Do not hold back. 

   Till next week

               -Xoxo, Kiki

Okay so I promised I would reveal why I did not wear shoes in my previous blog post. So Joseph, my photographer, and I were walking to the location for the photo shoot. When we got there my shoe snapped, so he put my shoes in his bag and I went down the stony street bare foot (as if my extremely long skirt and flower crown weren’t distracting enough) 😂😂😂😭😭😭


Song of the blog: Sit still look pretty, Daya.

I am thankful to my photographer, Joseph Kinyoda for doing a fantastic job @josephkinyoda on Instagram.

I am @Tatiana.kiara 

Lastly, thank you for submitting your QandA questions, continue to do so I’ll answer them soon.

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