Me time

Dear readers,

We all have crazy lives, we all have a bunch of things we do everyday that give us anxiety, stress or just make us down right tired.

It’s very important to have time for your self and unwind, just take a breather and relax, there is a boat load of ideas I have to help you unwind after a long day of school or work, but here are a few of my favorites:

This picture is from Miss Sofia on we heart it.

Get physical💪
Exercise is undoubtedly an incredible way to unwind, it makes for a great night’s sleep and it is perfect stress relief! But hey I get it, some of you don’t want to come home from a tiring day to do more tiring things but if it scares you so much, try some yoga instead.

This is definitely my personal favorite. Simply laying down with head phones on and your head up in the clouds. I find this so relaxing, I tend to listen to music as I go about my daily duties, but I do appreciate spending time with my playlist and letting my brain float.


Because reading is enjoyable and fundamental.

I love reading, a person who reads lives 1000 lives, it’s nice to slip away and live in a different world for a little bit. So disappear with your favorite book, not only is it great for the brain but it’s an enjoyable practice.

Binge watch your favorite series📺

I personally love the 100, but we all have that one television series that we love! Watch till your eyes fall out! Invite your boys/girls over and order a pizza! Hey, the lazy sky is the limit!

Go to a cafè or restaurant 

Nothing fancy! Dress nice and comfortable, look abit cute just to give yourself a feel good! Get a croissant, do some writing whatever suits your fancy! 

And this is where I talk fashion. Honey, comfort never looked so cute!

Your favorite sweater and your favorite pair of jeans! Add a thin chocker and cute earrings as accessories add a glossy red lip! Easy peasy!!! 
But do remember not to fear uncomfortable days, those are the days we find ourselves. 

          Xoxo, Kiki💋


I think you know this by now but I still must say, my photographer is Joseph Kinyoda… Instagram @josephkinyoda do follow him.

Thank you to Gisela for gifting me this chocker which is one of my obsessions💖

Mum, thanks for giving me something to write about. 

And to all my readers. THANK YOU!!!


My youtube channel, Kiara and Gemma launches Friday the 15th of September, stay tuned 😘

My social media: @Tatiana.kiara Instagram

@iamkikiiii Twitter

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