Straight outta New York.

Dear readers,

We just wrapped up New York fashion week!!! Here are my favorite looks and why they amuse me.

Barbara Fialho in Zac Posen.

Zac never disappoints, whether it’s the Oscars, Emmys or fashion week everyone is on the look out for his designs. I love this piece simply because I feel like Zac transports me back to a time where fashion was different while reminding me that this is still 2017. Sometimes it’s nice to reflect and bring back.

Do you follow Kim Kardashian on Instagram? Did your jaw drop like mine did when this picture dropped? Yes!!! I love an outfit that excudes confidence and power like this one did. Kim is known for her bold fashion choices, this was very Kim, I know for a fact that if your not dressed to fit your personality then your not dressed. Props to Kim K for being Kim K!

Ashley Graham sending some nude shades our way, make up being Fenty beauty by Rihanna!!!! Ashley is one of my favorite models, plus size is beautiful ladies and Ashley is showing that to us, time and time again! She did the cat walk for Micheal Kors, do go see all this on my Instagram linked below. Go Ashley 😘

Bella Thorne! Its fashion! And I love everything that defies normal, Bella is doing just that as always and it makes me so happy! Who walks down the street in that? Fashion is not about rules, be extra! She has inspired me beyond words and she has started a revolution! Watch out I’m about to be extra!

Hailey Baldwin was the perfect model for the Adidas campaign. Adidas is my favorite sports brand and it made me so happy that sports wear is claiming its place in the fashion world and in fashion week. It makes me so happy that I’m having an entire sports edition featuring this guy … he is one of my favorite male models and I cannot wait to work with him.

Well guys, I think I’m done, I hope you saw symbolism in every outfit like I did! Be yourself and thrive at that!

If you want any of the above outfits, follow the designers on Instagram and click the link on their bio.

Till next week,

-Xoxo, Kiki.


YouTube video FRIDAY I’ll put it on here so you can all see it!

I took none of the pictures  Feautured in this blog.

Song of the blog: Phresh out the runway Rihanna

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