It gets better

Dear readers, 

Life can get toxic and unbearable, it can feel alot like the end of the world. We tend to cling on to the worst moments, we tend to hold on to the people who make us feel insecure and we also bring ourselves down alot. 

I’ve been called enough names, I have been treated badly before and I have allowed it to get to me. But it got to me not because I felt bad about myself but because human beings can be awful. This by no means, means that I am perfect, neither are you, I can admit that I have hurt people before and I’m sure that you have to. 

Despite all this sometimes I have felt really bad about myself.

Sometimes, just sometimes, were our own biggest bullies.

You hurt yourself by not forgiving, by believing you are not beautiful, by clinging on to what’s not working for you.

It’s about falling down and using the experience to elevate yourself and others. 

At the end of a bad day I like to write down what worked, a good moment, and think about that.

Yes, yes it’s only you in this world but honestly your friends can do two things, tear you apart or mold you into something amazing.

Don’t strive to have many friends, strive to have good ones.

Friends that deal with your hormonal imbalance, that make you feel beautiful, that support you, friends you can learn from. 

You’ll be surprised at how much you can accomplish with them by your side and you by theirs.
Fights are normal. Experiences change us as people and it is so hard to adapt to that new version of your friend, this is the point in time where you help him/her reattach the broken pieces no matter how hard it may seem. Even if you can’t recognise who he/she is anymore. Find her/him, reinvent this lost being, be a book help her flip back the pages. Do not tire, they need you.

Hey brother, there’s an endless road to  re-discover.

This inspired my outfit, a day at my friends house.

This white top I got while thrifting went perfectly with a pair of wrap shorts I got at Mister price. I accesorized with my favorite chocker and my two best friends. Go casual!

You should be able to freely be yourself around these people. My friends know me like the back of their hand, they know when I’m fine and when I’m not they know just how to remind me that it gets all better.

That my friends is what we must learn, it gets better, it has to. 

Whatever is happening, it won’t last forever.

Hata hii si ya milele 

This will not last forever.

Remember to remind that to your friends or anyone who may need that advice this week.

Song of the blog: Avicii – Hey Brother.

   -Xoxo, Kiki.


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