Sugar, spice and everything nice.

Dear readers,

All things Kiki as more than just a blog but a creative and interactive process, has become a very big part of my life and will always have a home in my heart and mind. Writing and sharing a story, giving an opinion, styling an outfit, posing for a camera and letting my voice be heard is all just such an amazing and beautiful experience. Soon this year will be over and I want to share with my readers how I grew as a writer in 2017. You readers never cease to surprise me, you always read the blogs and leave behind the most beautiful emails but I have never shared with you my creative process or just what goes into each piece of writing or content that I put out.

IMG_8781 (1).jpg


Everything on all things Kiki is handled with utmost delicacy and is only seen at perfection, any one on my team would say that I am quite the perfectionist. We get through it cause we all are. Speaking of teams, unless I am working with someone else for a post, I like to limit my squad to my photographer and myself, see… my blog is me expressing my feelings and vision using words, photos and little signature things such as music (for instance the song of the blog given at the end of each blog post) so it is art, visually and intellectually designed by me to speak my truth to your mind, whisper the components of my heart to yours and allow a piece of my soul to befall your eyes as you browse through my website, and my favorite way of doing that is by delivering to you art that I know and trust and so my team is usually limited to Joseph Kiyoda and myself.


Note that, I climbed a tree for this shot.

I taught myself to write by reading work by poets, authors, journalists and bloggers (my kindergarten teacher taught me my ABCs) Fashion is just something I figured out and everything else is mere experience and opinion. I write mostly out of observation, even when I blog fashion which was the main theme of my blog till recently. I like to be controversial in my blogs because art is propaganda, if I always wrote about what is considered socially acceptable by a majority of people my age I would be boring, so I strive to let a piece of me shine through all my work.


IMG_8802.jpgSo all that mixed in with a bit of sugar spice and everything nice forms every post on all things Kiki! Any questions or remarks? leave them in the comments below.

Song of the blog: bellyache by Billie Eilish

-Xoxo, Kiki


So I do not watch gossip girl but when my friends did, I realized that at the end of her blogs she writes “Xoxo, gossip girl.” What?!?! It is my thing but since the show is more famous than me, I shall change my signature conclusion on Friday’s blog.

If you have been on my instagram lately, you see that I am selling fairy lights my email is for purchase or inquiries.

Credits: UNNAMED shoot location;] and Joseph Kinyoda linked above for the photos.

Tana Gachoka, long_may_she_rain on instagram played a big role in this post as well.

Thank you to all the above, my parents and of course my beautiful readers.

My instagram handle is tatiana.kiara … till Friday loves.



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