Hibiscuses over Roses

Dear readers,

Yes, I have been gone for a while but I’m back today and I will never not blog in such a long time ago. I just took some time off to figure myself out as a creator and as a person and how I want that to be reflected in my posts but enough with all my lame excuses. Let’s jump right into today’s blog.

So it’s valentines day and while some of you are taking it upon yourselves to serenade your significant others with some of the greatest love songs of all time, the rest of us are cups up chanting “It’s just me, myself and I” and binge watching television series under the covers with hot cheetos.

Here’s the thing though, why does everybody make it sound like the single life is so terrible? What exactly is wrong with not being in a relationship? I never push away my feelings because I feel it is the quickest way to forget myself. When I fall in love, I fall in love and if I don’t, I don’t. I believe that everything has its own time and its own purpose. So many of us are carried away by the whole illusion that is being in a relationship, we forget that we need to find the one who is good for us.DSC03568

I don’t want a valentine, I want a three in the morning call when the insomnia creeps in because my soul is in pain, someone to make me laugh. Who needs a valentine when you can be yourself with the person you genuinely care about? I just want someone who does not mind listening to every single passionately formulated thought that escapes my mind in form of words. See, I appreciate a good romantic, but the best romantics are original. I do not want to rely on a day of the year to feel loved by my significant other. Stop searching for valentines, find soulmates.DSC03590 (1)

My valentine was actually Gemma, usually we do a lot and buy chocolate and everything but after six years we just kind of said we love each other today. I do not feel sad that my best friend is my valentine in the slightest.  Gemma is every hope I have ever had in human form. She oozes positive energy and is glazed in love she’s got rainbow sprinkles and she plays a huge role in making me what I am today. All I am saying is, valentines day is about someone you love so you do not have to have a boyfriend/girlfriend to be in love.DSC03560DSC03581

So every single girl or boy going on about how your life is sad and reading the Cosmopolitan ‘Single’s guide for surviving valentines day!’ You are not sad or miserable, you are doing fine, every one worth loving is worth the wait. Be single and embrace that situation, same thing with relationships and everything that life has presented you with… embrace every single moment of every single situation. And remember that any body can be your valentine 365 days of the year.DSC03593

Bloom hibiscus… In the winter, summer, spring and fall. Please bloom hibiscus.

So the song of the blog is Closer to U by Rendezvous at two and this must be one of my favorite artists, What I love is how she boldly writes and sings how she feels, no filter, regardless of the topic. That to me is music,not trying to play it safe or allowing yourself to be locked in a box rather writing and singing about basic human feelings and experiences with a sick beat. I love the artist as a person and her music too. Well done!


Credit to my photographer for this post: Mike Mwaura, click this for his instagram

Its New York Fashion Week!!!! So that blog will be out Friday evening or Saturday morning.

Youtube videos will be up by next week.

Thank you for reading and happy valentines! Love you all

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