Let it be.

Natural hair is such a big craze lately, with both female and male members of society of all hair types. This is so crazy to me because just two years ago, there was not much that black girls and women were doing with their own hair, it would be weaved or braided because they believed their hair was to hard to manage or too short or something of that sort.

But over the past couple years people have developed products that allow anyone who wants to go natural to do so with ease. This is so great, natural hair to me a woman or man celebrating they’re ethnicity and beauty confidently.

There is so much you can do with your hair, regardless of what hair type it is, some people get dread locks done and I think they are so beautiful. There are stories in people’s hair, my hair is my inner being and my feelings being portrayed outwardly, the things that I believe in, the story that I want the world to know, the way I woke up this morning, the way I slept last night, it’s in my hair.

Saru Organics let me share my passion with them during their Saru love activation in partnership with earthnique shop and nurtured knotts. During this event I realized just how many people are insecure about their hair and this is because they are using the wrong routines and products that have a negative effect on their hair and therefore leaves it dry and brittle so they just give upon having natural hair.

I kid you not Saru organics has products that improve the strength of hair and promote and stimulate growth of beautiful, full and healthy hair regardless of your har type or age range. It is a really wide product and I can say from experience just how obsessed I am with these products and just good hair in general.

Meeting and interacting with my fans was an amazing experience too! You guys make me so happy!

Look, there is no such thing as a good hair day so what we aim to do is embrace the frizz, the curl, the fro and take it for all its symbolism and beauty. No natural hair is not just for mixed people or people with genetically ‘nice’ hair. We were all born with our manes so we all have the right to own them.

Song of the blog: Breathe by Jax Jones

Yours truly, Kiki


Hey guys. Been a minute but I’ve written ahead of time so Friday there will be a new blog up.

Thanks Saru organics and earthinique for this experience.

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