Dear readers,

This being my one year anniversary, I used photos I never got round to using through out the year.

So lately I’ve been on a journey, really just feeling things out and making epic realizations.

Sometimes it really isn’t worth the pain. This blog is about what roles people play in our lives and how I discovered some people don’t even really need to be in our lives at all.

So let’s start with relationships shall we? I believe in feeling prioritized. You know, when you label someone your girlfriend or boyfriend it means that they are not the same as all your friends and therefore should not be treated as though they are, that’s just how I feel. Both of you should make each other feel special, I personally can’t deal with indecisiveness, you can’t be sure of something and then literally two seconds later you aren’t sure anymore, I really get bothered by that. When you get to a point in your relationship where you don’t even know how to act around your significant other because you are unsure of their moods or their feelings for you. LEAVE! Do not ignore truths for temporary happiness or comfort, that is a terrible form of self destruction.

Friendships, the only way I figured this out is by asking myself questions. Sometimes we’re mixed up with mean girls and mean people in general, I said to myself, Kiara you can’t be okay with this just because it’s not you on the receiving end, can you? The answer was no and then I had to realize that it’s okay to get people out of your life, to move away from toxic people, to stop crying over people, to stop trying to be like people, it’s okay to let go.

Also, I have this really bad habit of putting people first and putting their feelings before mine. If you are anything like me, it’s not good. You need to put yourself, your body and your wellness before anything.

And finally, do things at your own time, the way it makes you comfortable always, we all have different coping mechanisms and ways we go about our problems, it takes time.

Ladies and gents, today marks one year of All things Kiki so raise your phones and let’s toast to this amazing day. This has been such a success this far and I cannot wait to move forward with my Kiki Pride. I love you all and I love to write, thank you for reading and putting up with the missed deadlines and the months of missing in action. For all the fan pages and sweet emails, I am eternally grateful.

Song of the blog: Youth by Shawn Mendes and Khalid.

Joseph Kinyoda, Mike Mwaura, Nyawira Mumenya, Wilkings Fadhili, Tiffany Kendi, Rika Wardrobe, Saru Organics among many amazing people I have worked with. Cheers.

-Yours truly, Kiki.


Special thanks to: Parents dearest.

All my friends and my boyfriend who actually in his own way reminded me to blog today.

Gemma and Samiha because you just deserve to be mentioned, this year has been crazy. has a story about me go find it! Thanks Ellein.

Announcement: The site is about to change in terms of design because we hit a year guysssss!

Kiki Pride xoxo

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