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Dear readers,

Welcome, this is All Things Kiki. Do you like the new site design?

So this blog is about reinvention and growth. Human beings can never remain the same it just does not work like that, some of us make the conscious decision to change while some of us just have it happen to us because of so many different reasons, good things and bad things change us as people. I noticed that so many people make decisions so early in life about who they are, but it really is not who you are but who you perceive yourself to be.


Allow me to break this down for you, I let myself float in a little bubble for some time, picking up everything I could on my way and slowly people fell out of my bubble. All I am trying to say is that so many of us are very upset at the fact that we do not have everything figured out but what we do not realize is that being lost and unsettled could be the best thing to ever happen to you. Take life as it comes and slowly everything will fall into place, live freely and feel every emotion with all your heart.


II, Do not at any cost be determined to call yourself ‘unfixable’ (I am not sure if that is an actual word but you get it) or undeserving of life or love or happiness because it is not you who can make such harsh judgments, you have no idea what you mean to someone else or the potential that you hold. I noticed that so many of us do not see the diamond that everyone else sees behind our eyes, you have a strength and you will find it but life requires nothing if it does not require patience.Patience with yourself, your friends, your goals, your work ethic. We are built from our wreckage, that really bad place you are in right now, the want to die or give up will be what makes your throne tomorrow, the people who treat you like crap now will bow before you. Do not forget that.


III, Your problems and concerns are valid, temporary and unavoidable. Never feel as though somebody on the planet has bigger problems than you and so what you feel is not valid, you have every right to allow your self feelings. Feeling like hell is something that happens, the pain will end and lastly you cannot run away from problems, we all have them, but they will hit the gym and workout.


Okay guys so let me just show some mega love to rika wardrobe and tell you about this store real quick, for the longest time I have begged for a shop with good and affordable clothing items then I found these guys! My romper in this blog is from there and it is absolutely beautiful, can be worn literally anywhere and it is comfortable, check out their instagram @rikawardrobe to see what you can get there and I hope to work with them in the future.

Song of the blog: Confidently lost – Sabrina Claudio

Yours Truly, Kiki.


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I love you all and I’ll blog on Wednesdays and Fridays xoxoxo ….. Like I promise now.



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  1. Everyone is a diamond in the rough waiting to be polished!


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