5 Tips to Improve Your Fitness Regime.

Lots of people aspire to get fit and live a healthy lifestyle, here are five simple tips to set you on the right track to a life of fitness in collaboration with Pump Fitness Gym, it is located in Valley Arcade shopping center and is definitely the perfect place to get in tip-top shape. Whats more- they have an amazing student discount so pay them a visit sometime.


  1. Have a Constant Workout Routine.

Whether it is three times a week or daily, working out constantly and strictly is crucial. One of the most important things for leading a healthy lifestyle is routine. Sleep, work-out and go about your daily duties in an orderly fashion and you will be surprised by your results.


2. Eat right.

Working out is only worth 30% of your healthy lifestyle, the rest is diet. The fittest people have a combination of eating right and working out effectively. Water is also extremely important for any human being- it’s essential for anyone trying to lead a healthier life. and just people in general.

Eat clean, Train mean, Be lean.

3. Keep your workouts interesting for yourself.

The best way to stay motivated is to make workouts fun and interesting as much as they are challenging. Try something new! Boxing, Soul-cycle or Zumba to spice things up a little, whatever peaks your interest. Switch things up!


4. Constantly increase the intensity of your workouts.

Your body will eventually get used to the workouts you are doing, you need to therefore gradually increase the intensity of the workout by adding dumbbells or increasing the amount of time you spend doing a particular exercise.

5. Consider a personal trainer.

This is something I recommend to everyone! Fitness trainers understand your body, can advise you on what exercises suit you and even help you with meal planning. Any gym has personal trainers that are trained to guide you on your road to fitness.

Pump Fitness particularly has great trainers who motivate you, understand your body and its needs and train you accordingly.


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