Co’to Chateau.

Coto Chateau is an African brand partnership company seeking enhancement in environments full of exploration and inspiration. This is a designer jewelry brand founded by two innovative students who were inspired to make a difference, control their destinies and challenge themselves.

Everything by Co’to Chateau is hand-made and African inspired. Their line is extremely diverse, containing accessories, apparel and home decor.

We at All Things Kiki Magazine are obsessed with their careful, hand-crafted jewelry. Take a look:


No one can ever stress the importance of accessories to a look. If you ever need a little extra something to make your outfit less basic and you would like to make a subtle statement, the right string of beads can go a long way and Co’to Chateau is showing this to us in the most epic way!


We live on a very vibrant continent and a while ago, jewelry and certain beads in African tradition would provide wisdom, hope, luck and wellbeing to its owner and were worn by kings, queens and chiefs.

So as you rock a body chain, this brand gives you a sense of confidence ad pride in a string of beads.


This, dear readers is why Co’to Chateau are our jewelers of the edition. Chateau means castle, they built theirs. Build yours.

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