Photography- Joseph Kinyoda.

Hello there readers,

Today i have the pleasure of sharing with you some of the pictures I’ve taken. Photography for me is an art but acts more as a time capsule allowing me to look back and remember past adventures I’ve had with people I enjoy. Those good times won’t be there forever but the photos always will.  I literally have over 100GB in photos from about the last 2 years.




It was completely by chance, one day my father came home with a camera. I was absolutely infatuated in it and I presumed to spend hours watching every video and reading every article out there to master this machine. It’s been about 2 years and over time improvements have come and I’ve been really able to get my own style.



The simple camera drastically changed my life. I was quite a reserved person, extremely anti-social. In truth I didn’t have any friends and never went out. But as i became a pretty decent at taking photos people just started to notice me. And when you take photos of people you tend to become quite close with them, of course you should cherish the people who make you look good. Over time I found amazing friends who enjoy being my models that I’ve improved my craft on. Although nowadays we meet just because we’re great friends but photography still plays a great social role. Also I’ve made many friends through social media who like my photos.



Being a person who is always looking for the next best shot. I tend to analyse things a little bit more such that you really get to see the beauty in things and people. Small things like how the light is falling on the ground, the motion of the trees. This has enabled me to take life for all that it holds.

KaruraV3 (1 of 32)

-Joseph K.


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