Raymond Ochieng Odipo

“I don’t wanna say dance is my passion, dance is my life.”

Raymond Ochieng Odipo is one of Kenya’s most promising dancers and the team at ATK mag had a chance to sit down with him and learn about the dance industry in Kenya and about Raymond as a person.

Raymond is an orphan who’s avenue for pain was dance. He completed high school but did not go to college because he did not want to burden his guardians with school fees. Dance therefore, became Raymond’s source of income… it had to be.


Raymond eventually achieved a lot and was able to share his dancing across borders in countries close like Uganda and further away like Norway, which he recognizes as one of his biggest accomplishments. One of his biggest passions is teaching dance which he described as his calling.


We asked Raymond to give advice to aspiring dancers and his answer was on essence “go for it” and dance. He expressed how a lot of good dancers are simply too scared to actually dance and once they get past that then they have got to practice and work hard.

Raymovers’ (his stage name) goal is to improve the entire Arts industry in Kenya as a a whole. He would like to kill the perception that is academics are everything, you can be successful without an A. Raymond is here to teach us all to believe in ourselves and not just in dance but all our different sectors.


Dream big little one.

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  1. My deepest appreciation for this one Tatiana bless you lots and may those behind such vibes be blessed together with their’s as well as we continue to preach the gospel of not just art but all that makes as human…


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