5 Reasons why your Hair Isn’t Growing.

  •  You Towel or Heat dry your hair.

Towels are dry and very coarse and they cause a lot of damage to your hair, the same goes for heat. They both break your hair and thus prevent growth- wrap your hair in a T-shirt until it dries instead, it is way more gentle.

towels bath bathroom
Photo by Thomas Cotton on Pexels.com
  • You do not pay attentions to the products you buy.

Most hair brands have products with ingredients specific to what you want for your hair like ‘anti-breakage’ or ‘repair’, so get products that are specific to hair growth. I love the hair growth masque from Saru Organics but take your time to choose what products work for you and your hair type.

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  • You forget that scissors are your friend.

I know you fear those scissors but hair is like a heart. it must start a fresh every now and then. Okay, enough with the metaphors Kiki. When you cut or trim your hair, you get rid of all the bad parts that stop healthy hair from growing so not only do you get longer hair, it’s thicker and more healthy. Once you have achieved this, trim often.

several scissors
Photo by Nick Demou on Pexels.com
  • You skip conditioning and\or deep conditioning.

In order for your hair to grow, it must be well moisturized at all times (write that down) one of the ways to achieve that is by deep conditioning before and after protective styling and conditioning after every wash, it might take up a little more time but it is totally worth it. After doing this, evenly distribute a leave in conditioner through out your hair and seal with a light oil. I personally add an anti dandruff to my scalp from Mikalla but this step is not entirely necessary unless your scalp is dry.


  • You keep brushing that mane.

Stop it. That is literally the biggest crime in hair that you could ever commit! Constantly combing or brushing your hair is a sure-fire to get breakage, if your hair tangles quickly then style your hair or resort to other untangling methods like using a untangler cream\spray or finger untangle. Even when you do comb, use a comb or brush with wide picks to avoid excessive breakage.

Any questions? Comment below and I will personally get back to you.

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  1. So helpful!! Especially with using a comb. I don’t brush my hair unless it’s my edges. But I do pick it out when washing in the shower & when dry.


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