Note from the editor

Hey there,

It’s Kiara and I hope you have enjoyed this edition this far.

Today’s little piece of adoxography is about it never being too late. You have all the power in the world to change anything about yourself, your mistakes do not define you. Everybody has a past but we use that to move forward in a positive way, not to justify our bad actions in the present.

Change is a necessity, lately I have been through a lot of change, my whole world started to spin in a different direction and that set off a growth in me.Why this was difficult was because I made realizations that my brain knew were true but sort of, ignored. When I bloomed I knew automatically that although it may seem like the most difficult thing in the world, some people really should not be as close to you as you hold them.

As you go through change, the toughest thing is holding on to who you are, I lost who that person was so I begun to slowly form the human being I wanted to be and I am slowly learning to distinguish between good and bad character traits.

One of my biggest changes has been from Blogger to Chief Editor and Creative Director (I know … so boujee) But to me this is not what it is about. I could care less about a title, I will openly say that success is one of my biggest priorities- that goes for anything I do but I have also learned how to fail. Failure to me is something above me humbling me, it might mean something else to you. Anything in life that is not particularly pleasurable is going to be good in the end.

So stop moaning  and do it. Are you scared? Do it. Are you going to fail? Do it.  What you have wanted to say or do, however it ends you can only learn from it.

Change is a learning process.

-Yours truly, Kiki.


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