Can you keep a secret?

Loyal readers,

Last week I took the time to speak to the organizers of Turn Man Black 2, which is an event taking place on the 15th of December. In this article I intend to outline their controversial business and give you little details that only I know about TMB2. So can you keep a secret?

The organizers go by the name ‘Fysmob’ and any Kenyan teenager has heard of them, it was founded in the year 2016 and it started off as a joke in the beginning. Aside from organizing events, Fysmob are also working to create a name for themselves in the music industry and their main goal is to empower Kenyan underground trap artists.

Fysmob collaborated with Hoedinzzz, a well known socialite who has a background in organizing events as well. The merging of the two ensures what they describe as “the ultimate party experience!”

Trust me, everybody has been talking about this event for months on end and because it is quite a large event, the organizers have really stepped up in issues concerning security. Aside from just a party, there will be two music videos filmed on the day, glow in the dark aspects of decor around the venue, performances by the best trap artists and even a TMB king and queen!

If I shared any more of this top secret information I would have to kill you. So come see it for yourself tickets available at

Thanks for reading.

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