Santa baby, hurry down the chimney tonight.

Dear readers,

Welcome back! We have officially kicked off the holiday season and that means, it is time for the Christmas blogs and since our job is to make your life easier, here is the perfect gift guide for your holiday shopping. Let’s get to it!

For the woman in your life.

The trick to this is to keep it simple and thoughtful. Know your significant other and what she likes. Does she like beauty and hair or spend a lot of time at the salon? Get her a spa voucher, this can also work if she is a hard worker. Is your relationship based on music and parties? Get her tickets to see her favorite artist or if she likes soccer get her a jersey! If you are not to sure, surprise her with a weekend getaway just the two of you. Do something special for the lady you will be kissing under the mistletoe this Christmas.

This can also work for a friend.

Pay attention to what she likes and what she might need.

For the man in your life.

This is one of the easiest categories in my opinion, like shopping for ‘her’, you must know your partner, from my experience, the easiest and most appreciated gifts run along the lines of watches, T-Shirts, cologne, rings and wallets. Those work for last minute gifts but the best thing to do is get him what aligns with his hobbies a new game for a gamer, lenses for a photographer and so on.

The article is not strict to categories if you know anyone who would like any of these gifts, go for it!

For your best friend.

Best friends are easy to shop for, you can even just give them money to shop for themselves! This Christmas, I suggest trying something sentimental and thoughtful. Search within yourself, what does he/she need right now? You are this person’s Dr.Feelgood and confidant. This is someone you are comfortable around and you know well, So think about it, after all this friend made it with you till the end of this year!

Your Parents.

The most important. Do not allow them to give you their “all I want for Christmas is you” nonsense, they would like the world and everything in it. Or at least, they deserve it. Mothers always need something for their house hold so pay more attention to her as she cooks dinner, maybe she needs a whisk or more towels. With mom it is always best to be practical.

If your dad is anything like mine, he likes his wind down time. I think the perfect gift is something to enhance his relaxing experience, if your dad’s definition of chilling is fixing things then get him a tool box, and if your dad is anything like mine a good book will do the trick!

Most importantly, spend time with them because nothing says ‘the holiday season’ like family and nothing will make your parents happier.

These presents will also do perfectly for your grandparents. 


What do you think are the perfect Christmas gifts? Leave a comment.

Thank you for reading, we are working on more Holiday articles to you all, enjoy your advent and leave any suggestions below.

Photos courtesy of We Heart It.

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