Dear readers,

Adoxography; beautiful writing on a subject of little or no importance.

Roots that curl into knots and continue into perfectly trimmed ends, my hair is a journey.

Strand after strand forming knots, some perfectly separated, my hair is a community.

Conditioners and curling creams, gels and sulfate-free shampoo, my hair is an investment.

Beads and Bobby pins, weaves and box braids, space buns and blow outs, my hair is a statement.

My hair is a testament to my ethnicity in its pure form. My hair speaks for my ancestors, it screams pride, it means ‘belonging’.

My hair is my past and present and a canvas for my future, it is a gift from my ancestors and a representation of how I feel on a particular day. My hair is a crown that I do not take off of my head.

Your hair, like every other part of your body souly belongs to you. Whatever color you choose for it. Straightened, weaved, cut short, shaved off, dreadlocks, natural… Your soul, your hair. Wear it with heart.

It belongs to you, do with it what makes you feel good. Shake dreams from your hair.

It is stars and asteroids, it is flowers and it is thorns and it is all yours.

Your hair is what makes you confident and what makes you feel good, it is an asylum in the mayhem that is societal standards, allow it to always be a reminder of who you are and how you feel.

Your hair is power, vulnerability, glory, authenticity, honesty and self love.

All hair is good hair.


  1. Hey Kiki, my company is trying to reach out to you. Your email is not so easy to find. Please email me, we would love to partner with you and share your blog.


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