Afrika: Writing.

Life is not all about the exterior beauty
Otherwise we would really never enjoy it.
The whole ‘humanity’ and it’s concept on the vast system popularly known as life is corrupted.
This life becomes greatly flawed 
Everything and everyone falls prey to a superior denominator.

Then if we all looked at life from this angle of exterior beauty 
The lion eating the sheep
The hunter killing the lion 
The rich man hunting the hunter
His power killing the rich man
Eventually even beauty itself would be so flawed and redesigned into a bloody, gory, utopia-like masterpiece of hell.

However life gains it’s beauty from the interior motives
These pure and honest thoughts of the common organism
When two people kiss or share a meal,
when a puppy is playing with your three year old daughter, when grown men and women are futilely chasing after water and soap bubbles, the smile of that guy who stays by the corner store, the blooming of a jacaranda tree, the sweet scent of the rose touched by dew at dawn

It’s these simple things that give the beauty; that matter
It’s the souls, the positive syncing of energies between life forms.
This is the epitome of life in a whole spectrum of beauty 
Clear skies and happy smiles
That’s just it, for what it’s worth, that we enjoy our lives.

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