Healthy Eating: Mindful Eating by Khaya Renja.

Healthy Eating: Mindful Eating

Eating healthy is not just about what you eat, but also how you eat.

Have taken some time off work, and I find myself mostly eating one meal a day. Sometimes a mug of fermented uji or yoghurt for gut health. Always a bit of fruit & raw veggies. I walk & light exercise every day.

There’s no need to eat just because it’s x o’clock; eat when your body tells you it needs fuel & listen to your body to understand how much food it needs – don’t serve yourself with your eyes; you can always serve a second helping if your body is telling you it needs it.

Our bodies send us messages all the time. Because Yoga teaches one to build mind-body-breath awareness, it becomes easier and easier to ‘hear’ these messages. With increased body awareness one can tell whether they’re actually hungry, or it’s just their mind playing tricks.

The mind will always play tricks because it has retained information from caveman days. In those days, food wasn’t assured. It could be weeks before a successful hunt, with only berries and bugs in between. So when there was a big hunt kill, they would stuff themselves not knowing when the next meal would come.

For those fortunate enough to have regular and good food supply, all you have to do is walk to the fridge, not wait weeks for the next hunt! Therefore, don’t listen to your mind asking for food, listen to your body instead.

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