The magic behind Vitamin E Oil.

Is it worth the hype?

Vitamin E oil is present in most skincare products such as eye cream, moisturizers and serums but why is it so popular and what benefits does it have for your skin? Is it all propaganda or will it really give you that clear smooth skin you’re trying to achieve? Also, is it effective for all skin types? I’m here to spill all the tea on this organic product.

Firstly we need to figure out it’s role, it acts as an antioxidant, this means it prevents oxidative damage to cells by helping to remove free radicals (the bad guys). Free radicals simply aim to become stable and in that process they snatch electrons from your DNA, cell membrane and any other part of your body. This is where vitamin E comes to action, it keeps the free radicals stable. Vitamin E oil also has moisturizing and healing properties and it acts like a barrier for your skin.

So who is it meant for?

Because it is such a thick oil it’s best for people with dry, combination or mildly-oily skin. For the same reason people with very oily skin or sensitive skin will not benefit from it as it might clog their pores and increase chances of breakouts or in some rare cases, it may cause allergic reactions like rashes. However all hope is not lost for people with such type of skin because if you combine it with vitamin C it acts as a natural sun protection and has anti aging properties. It can also help in brightening skin by improving the appearance of the damaged tissues.

When is the best time to use this oil?

Due to its thickness it’s recommended for night use – it can replace a night cream or moisturizer.

My personal experience.

I’ve been using vitamin e oil for about two weeks now (Really good vitamin E oil by Fushi) and it is mixed with other oils like jojoba oil to make it lighter than pure vitamin e oil.

I tend to have discoloration around my cheeks so I was mainly focusing on changing around that area. Having mildly oily skin, I decided to use it everyday twice a day and replaced my moisturizer with it. It’s really easy to apply and your face feels instantly moisturized and plumped which I love. As a result, I got extra oily during the day but after spraying a bit of rose water with glycerine on my face it was instantly matte.

For the discoloration, I did not see much change until after five days. My skin felt smoother, looked brighter and all the fine lines I had smoothed out. It also lightened the dark area around my eyes.

A surprise I did not expect was for it to make my eyebrows fuller, because I was applying it with my hands- some got on my fingers as well and my nails grew longer and stronger.

Overall I love the product! I will however, switch to my moisturizer in the morning just because of how oily I get during the day. I highly recommend it for people with dry or combination skin.

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