Millenials, Are We Doing Enough?

Welcome to the #YoungEntrepreneursPlaybook. Wondering what that is? Pull up a seat, we have a lot to talk about. Being a young entrepreneur can be tricky therefore the playbook gets to guide you and me as we maneuver through the world of entrepreneurship.

After interacting with a number of young entrepreneurs who took the bold step to start businesses and money making side hustles, I made the observation that most of them gave up after the first few challenges then made a ton of excuses as to why things never work out for them, and this got me concerned. We as millennials are very energetic and have very outstanding ideas but our resilience is alarmingly low.

Before you give up on that side hustle, that business- even as simple as selling second hand clothes in your school. Ask yourself this, have I really done enough? Most time we give up before we exhaust all possible options. A principle I have learnt and am still learning is:

You do not give up when you are tired, you stop when you are done.

Evaluate your work ethic, how much do you put in your work? How committed are you to the hustle? What are you willing to sacrifice for its success? These are simple but hard questions that we need to ask ourselves if we really want to prove we are as capable as we say.

If you want to feel different, change your mind.

So this is my message, let’s build our resilience, let’s work ourselves to exhaustion, let’s knock all doors and exhaust all opportunities before we can say I QUIT.

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