Hydration- the why, when and how.


/hʌɪˈdreɪʃ(ə)n/ (noun)

the process of causing something to absorb water.

Hydration is a forgotten key step in every skincare routine. Regardless of your skin type, it’s just as important to hydrate your skin as it is to hydrate your body. Most people believe that it is only meant for people with dry skin but that is not the case.
First let’s get into the benefits of hydrating you’re skin; Hydrated skin is healthier, more vibrant, plump, resilient, elastic and less prone to wrinkles and blemishes.
Why is hydration so important?
The most obvious point is that it helps combat dry skin, contrary to the popular belief everyone gets dry skin at some point in their life. This may be natural or due to factors like weather or diet. However, as you age – your skin slows the production of substances that naturally hydrate your skin. An example is Ceramides which are basically lipids help form the skin barrier and play a part in retention of moisture. They also take part in protection against environmental aggressors.
Hydration also helps combat oily skin this is because dehydrated skin produces more oil in an effort to combat dryness. So instead of using harsh drying products, hydrating your skin would be a much more effective step.
How do you add hydration into your skincare routine?
The easiest way to do this is to DRINK MORE WATER!!! So you have to get your 8 glasses a day (may be more or less depending on your physical activity, weight and other factors). Even after drinking the recommended amount of water your skin still needs a boost. For that you need hydrating products such as sheet masks, serums or my personal favourite, Aloe Vera Gel – here at All Things Kiki we’re kind of obsessed with being organic. After cleansing and toning that’s when you should hydrate your skin.
Products I love and recommend include:
Garnier Skin active Tissue mask Hydra Bomb.
Aloe Vera gel preferably with witch hazel.
Neutrogena hydro boost water gel.

How often should you hydrate your skin?

I would recommend twice a day, every day. Unless you’re using a sheet mask like from Garnier, then you can use it once a week.

After about a week and a half your face should look brighter and plumper.

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