Kiki’s guide to running an online magazine.

What it do?😂

I have not written and published an article in over a year which is ironic considering I run a website that supports online writers.

Running All Things Kiki has been a dream, now more than ever. To be completely honest, I always knew that I would be big but I never thought that All Things Kiki would ever grow to half of what it is now. Don’t get it twisted, I am nowhere near attaining the goals I have for this magazine and I still have a lot to do, but I feel like I have made significant steps towards attaining those goals and the future for this website is looking bright. Grab you some glasses.

All Things Kiki Magazine.

ATK used to be a website where I would upload my fashion blogs. I started by putting outfits together and taking photos of me wearing those outfits with my phone, I would then accompany the photos with a blog post and upload weekly. I really didn’t do too well when I first started but I chose to continue uploading and pushing my classmates and peers to read the blogs.

Eventually, I started investing in the magazine – bought a domain, got professional photography, started writing about more than just fashion and I began to attract more people.

I have never been afraid to put my brand out there and seek out collaborations especially in the world of content creation. I constantly DM or email brands that can collaborate well with ATK and I never shy away from that. This is how I gained the contacts that elevated me in the blogging industry and acquired my mentors.

The idea of converting my website into an online magazine came to me in 2018. I wanted to create a platform for creatives to develop their artistic skills and have an avenue to showcase their work, whatever it may be with no censorship or limit to their creative vision. Everyday I strive to create a space where artists can truly be free to express themselves how they see fit.

Tania and Abigail, creators of Hair Buzz
Rita, Beauty blogger and MUA.
Khui Karanja, creator of All Things Kiki’s #YoungEntrepreneursPlaybook

With the contacts I had gained as a blogger, when I formed ATKMag I had a lot of resources at my disposal and my blog already started growing in readings so I gained a good head start. However I struggled a lot with consistency.

Consistency is key in the world of content creation, if you can’t be consistent then don’t upload till you can be. I realize that what stood in the way of my consistency was that I didn’t have enough money to keep funding the content creation, I didn’t have enough creators working with me and I wasn’t too jazzed by my own content so I didn’t really enjoy persisting with it.

I had to switch up, I gave myself time to think through All Things Kiki and if I’m being honest, I even considered dropping the whole website and stopping ATK entirely. I weighed out every option in my head but I always say that my brand is my baby, I gave birth to it and raised it so I couldn’t give up when ATK was so young.

I took a one year break to work on my brand and along the way I decided to work on myself instead. I came face to face with all my demons; depression, anxiety, body image issues, self sabotage, the need for validation, suicidal thoughts… everything. I found myself and I realized that I refuse to let my life run down the drain because of the situations I was put in or because of the decisions that I made in the past.

When I made the decision to take myself on a journey of constant growth and self improvement everything seemed clearer from a business and artistic point of view and so I relaunched All Things Kiki on July 27th 2019 after serious hard work and strategizing. I launched alongside my best friend Zoe who was so involved with the relaunch that it wouldn’t have been possible without her.

I also owe her a lot in my mental growth because she didn’t give up on me. No matter how overbearing my situation was or how much of her energy it demanded. She stood by me till I learned to stand on my own and for that I am forever grateful. Whoever is reading this, I hope you have or find that person.

Zoe and Kiki on relaunch day, taken July 27th

Relaunching the magazine has not been easy. Behind every promising entrepreneur is loans, debts, sleepless nights, tears, demotivation and flat out being broke. Trust the process and continue to take those risks because it is in that struggle that you will build your empire.

Since the relaunch, ATKMag has been doing better by the month and the growth we are registering is unbelievable but it is not just about statistics. Every DM and email I get from my readers, the feeling when I walk into a room and my team is having a video shoot and there is makeup and hair extensions all over the place, how proud I am of my writers every time they write a good article, when people ask me or my team to write about a certain topic… that is what makes me so proud of myself and what I’ve achieved with my team.

You’ve not seen the last of All Things Kiki, you’ve barely even seen the beginning.

So you who is reading this, you are capable of achieving anything through hard work and strategy. But don’t be chasing cheques if your head is not in the right place. You are your business, work on yourself if you want to have a successful brand and if you want to enjoy in its success.

Kiki at NRG Radio, she brought her team with her to celebrate her birthday.

I might be a little rusty, but not bad for a writer who has not published in over a year huh? This has been a long time coming but I had to bring it back one time For The Culture.

#AllThingsKikiMagazine by Tatiana Kiara.