Not my usual kind of blog.

Dear readers,

I know, I am weeks late for this blog but I just got back from Europe and the whole settling in process has been quite the struggle… that and I had no idea what to blog about! But my blogging angel provided me with inspiration! So without further a do:

My mother would tell me tales of the boogie man, he came for little girls and boys who did not eat their vegetables. For such a long period of my life I slept with the light on hoping it would keep the boogie man under my bed, hold my teddy tight, hold my chest and pray that God keep the boogie man away from me.

I am now a teenager, one that loves vegetables and sleeps in pitch darkness, Nevertheless I am haunted still by a monster, multiple in fact. These monsters do not lay beneath our beds, they sit behind their computers and mobile phones. Our mothers do not tell us their tales, they make themselves known to us by pushing their thumbs onto their devices and letter by letter make online statements that tear down our souls and damage our minds, they go by numerous names… the cyber bully, the internet troll, the hacker. Yeah, I have been way too quiet, way too long.

From ugly comments to hacking. Online abuse is never going to be okay, non consensual sharing of an image is not okay, hacking social media accounts is not okay. I speak as a victim of online misogyny, rape and death threats, nasty comments and although I am big supporter of all forms of writing I cannot have another fake story written about me!

I am lucky to have parents that have been very supportive of my life as a blogger and have therefore helped me deal with the whole thing very well, taught me that everything comes with a struggle and I can’t stop doing anything I love because of an encountered problem. But I still can’t be quiet about this. A wonderful ted talk by Jessica Judd inspired me. I just want to address my feelings towards online abuse, maybe you can relate.

If you ask me, I believe that cyber harassment of any form must be taken seriously by law. It is very rarely that people are arrested for cyber abuse, and I mean of any form. The internet is not a safe place, games like blue whale have proved that to us countless times, but why is it that when an instagram account is hacked no one takes it seriously? When a girl is photo shopped and threatened all we offer is pity, Granted, what can we do to stop the trolls? But I strongly believe that, if we stand for a safe internet everyone else will fall in line. I had to write about this because so many of the victims are so young and fragile, it is so easy to break our generation into pieces, so instead of hate comments this week, go tell someone they are beautiful. Secure your accounts, report people who steal content, do your research, be web smart. Most importantly, do not sit back and watch someone’s self esteem be ripped apart by a troll.

Dear socialites,

You have a platform, use it. Take a stand, were all just human beings imprisoned by  our phone screens, might as well do something useful.

-Xoxo, Kiki

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I know, this is not how I usually blog but someone had to say it!

On Wednesday I will drop the photo journal of Europe, do be patient editing takes time.

Yes, I am a fashion/lifestyle blogger but I really have not been doing much of that! I see your emails, I must finish with my travel edition and then I have some amazing stuff coming up!!!

Till next week.




Europe, part 2 of 4.

View from the plane as we landed in Marco Polo airport, Venice.

Dear readers,

October 23d 2017.

We flew from Belgium to Venice, Italy  yesterday and today we went around Venezia.

I started my day with a slice of Italian pizza.

Since Venice is a city surrounded by water, there are no cars. Instead people’s main means of transport is water bus! It was amazing how it ran just like a regular bus with stops and tickets and stations despite it being a boat.

One of the water bus’ stops in Venice.

We arrived at St.Marco and it was packed with tourists! But we had a good view of Gondolas and open water.

I took this on the Gondola, this is St Marco.

My view from St.Marco

After having coffee on the pigeon infested St Marco square (note that I have a slight bird phobia so that wasn’t easy to do) we had a gondola ride, and that was the highlight of my trip to Venice!

My Grandmother and I on St.Marco square.

Views from the Gondola

A gondola is a long small boat.

And since we had some time to kill, we got some food and while doing that saw more of Venice.

Me in Venice 

Taking advantage of all the photo opportunities

We then left for Madonna Del Orto, which was where our hotel was, where we witnessed a sunset that was so beautiful it reminded me that even when things come to an end, they can hold beauty.

With that, I end this blog post.

    -Xoxo, Kiki.


I know! I know! And I’m sorry for not posting for 2 weeks!!!! I’ve been really busy cause I’m still in Europe, but next post is about Paris, that’s me making it up to you guys😉

Id like to thank VSCO for providing me with the resources to edit these pictures and to you guys for reading❤

Any questions??? Comment below.

Dear Diary

Dear Readers,


We flew to Belgium today, we had transit in Amsterdam for an hour. Our final destination was Brussels then my uncle picked us up and it was an hour’s drive to Kemzeke which borders Netherlands, it’s so cute!!!


We drove to France today! A cute place called Dunkirk, it’s historic and beautiful. When we went there was barely anything open so we just walked along the board walk.

During the second world war, soldiers would wait on this beach for the British to rescue them in extremely harsh weather conditions and even used their cars as boats.

Most of Dunkirk is one way streets and all the architecture is quite similar.

After that we went to Brugge, back in Belgium… which completely took my breath away! It is a very romantic place, boat rides on a canal, swans and beautiful architecture is what I got to experience along with a Belgian waffle I stuffed my face with.

I threw a coin over this bridge, Russian superstition says it’ll bring me back here.

Different parts of Belgium serve different kinds of waffles.

The canal ride takes you past some of the oldest architecture in Belgium!

Belgium is filled with beautiful cathedrals that trace back hundreds of years.

These swans float towards the end of the canal that sits in Brugge.

I do hate to use so many photos, but there is so little my fingers could type to allow you to understand just how beautiful Brugge is.

Belgium has been beautiful thus far and I have more records and photos to share, but I would hardly be a writer if not to leave you in suspense.

More from Belgium and other parts of Europe next Wednesday.

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          -Xoxo, Kiki

 Special Message below.

Dear Kenyans,

We should never slaughter one another for anyone who will remain alright whether you live or die. I am not showing any political preference what so ever, I am however announcing my support for peace and the ability of one to use their rights without it being interfered with by any person from any side of political preference. I believe everyone has every right to express their opinion without blood and violence. We’re all Kenyans, not supporters, tribes, voters, non voters etc etc we are Kenyans first and always. No sweet, smart, tender, human tissue should  ever be ripped apart because we differ.

      – Lots of love, Tatiana Kiara … AKA Kiki.

         – Xoxo, Kiki. (The Kenyan)



I will from now on… BE BLOGGING TWICE A WEEK!!!! So Wednesdays and Fridays.

I apologize for not blogging last week, travelling and stuff.

And we danced all night…

Dead readers,

Girls… it is the international day of the girl child and in celebration of that I need to shout out one of the most amazing talented girls I have ever met Beryl Onyancha she showed me today a beautiful level of intelligence, maturity and dedication. She inspired me beyond words and shook me to the bone, lots of love to Beryl.

On with the blog,

For this blog I collaborated with the amazing Valentine Nekesa a very talented designer, her brand is V designs and her work is beautiful. We are working on more projects and I can’t wait to share them with you!

I got this white singlet from mister price and this dress/top from V designs. My chocker is from African swaggy by Aggy This blog’s focus is mainly on the power of Africans through fashion, music and content.

This dress/top Valentine designed is symbolic to me because V breaks the cliche that is, Kenyan designers do African print clothing. Where were from should not determine what we create! Yes, it is important to acknowledge your back ground, but…

Don’t ever do anything because it’s what is expected of you or because it’s what everyone else is doing.

This shirt/dress is asymmetrical which gives it more of a kick, keeps it slightly less plain.

So how’s that for African designed… not African design?!
Later on that day… Gemma, Joseph Kinyoda and I went to Koroga festival. You can all see just how the event unfolded on the Kiara and Gemma vlog out Friday.

It was fantastic, I personally think that it was beautiful that so many people of all ethnic varieties came together to celebrate African musicians and art by Africans as a whole, we need such events, they not only promote culture but love and symbolism. (of course there are a few tweaks).

I am wearing V designs, a similar design to the first dress, this one in my point of view is very pop culture expressive… and that is what Koroga is all about.

Meeting the performers was amazing! So much talent, we were so star struck! But it was amazing that everyone gets to come together and freely be who they are and do what they do. 

People build people by appreciating their efforts. 

Group member from sauti sol. Kenyan pop group.

Member of Benga, African music group.

And so that’s what my day was… Love, experience, friendship, ethnicity, originality, fashion and style.

       -Xoxo, Kiki.

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Thank You Joseph Kinyoda my photographer.

Thanks to Valentine Nekesa who is tagged above for these outfits.

Start up now, thanks for giving me the resources for this blog.


It gets better

Dear readers, 

Life can get toxic and unbearable, it can feel alot like the end of the world. We tend to cling on to the worst moments, we tend to hold on to the people who make us feel insecure and we also bring ourselves down alot. 

I’ve been called enough names, I have been treated badly before and I have allowed it to get to me. But it got to me not because I felt bad about myself but because human beings can be awful. This by no means, means that I am perfect, neither are you, I can admit that I have hurt people before and I’m sure that you have to. 

Despite all this sometimes I have felt really bad about myself.

Sometimes, just sometimes, were our own biggest bullies.

You hurt yourself by not forgiving, by believing you are not beautiful, by clinging on to what’s not working for you.

It’s about falling down and using the experience to elevate yourself and others. 

At the end of a bad day I like to write down what worked, a good moment, and think about that.

Yes, yes it’s only you in this world but honestly your friends can do two things, tear you apart or mold you into something amazing.

Don’t strive to have many friends, strive to have good ones.

Friends that deal with your hormonal imbalance, that make you feel beautiful, that support you, friends you can learn from. 

You’ll be surprised at how much you can accomplish with them by your side and you by theirs.
Fights are normal. Experiences change us as people and it is so hard to adapt to that new version of your friend, this is the point in time where you help him/her reattach the broken pieces no matter how hard it may seem. Even if you can’t recognise who he/she is anymore. Find her/him, reinvent this lost being, be a book help her flip back the pages. Do not tire, they need you.

Hey brother, there’s an endless road to  re-discover.

This inspired my outfit, a day at my friends house.

This white top I got while thrifting went perfectly with a pair of wrap shorts I got at Mister price. I accesorized with my favorite chocker and my two best friends. Go casual!

You should be able to freely be yourself around these people. My friends know me like the back of their hand, they know when I’m fine and when I’m not they know just how to remind me that it gets all better.

That my friends is what we must learn, it gets better, it has to. 

Whatever is happening, it won’t last forever.

Hata hii si ya milele 

This will not last forever.

Remember to remind that to your friends or anyone who may need that advice this week.

Song of the blog: Avicii – Hey Brother.

   -Xoxo, Kiki.


Straight outta New York.

Dear readers,

We just wrapped up New York fashion week!!! Here are my favorite looks and why they amuse me.

Barbara Fialho in Zac Posen.

Zac never disappoints, whether it’s the Oscars, Emmys or fashion week everyone is on the look out for his designs. I love this piece simply because I feel like Zac transports me back to a time where fashion was different while reminding me that this is still 2017. Sometimes it’s nice to reflect and bring back.

Do you follow Kim Kardashian on Instagram? Did your jaw drop like mine did when this picture dropped? Yes!!! I love an outfit that excudes confidence and power like this one did. Kim is known for her bold fashion choices, this was very Kim, I know for a fact that if your not dressed to fit your personality then your not dressed. Props to Kim K for being Kim K!

Ashley Graham sending some nude shades our way, make up being Fenty beauty by Rihanna!!!! Ashley is one of my favorite models, plus size is beautiful ladies and Ashley is showing that to us, time and time again! She did the cat walk for Micheal Kors, do go see all this on my Instagram linked below. Go Ashley 😘

Bella Thorne! Its fashion! And I love everything that defies normal, Bella is doing just that as always and it makes me so happy! Who walks down the street in that? Fashion is not about rules, be extra! She has inspired me beyond words and she has started a revolution! Watch out I’m about to be extra!

Hailey Baldwin was the perfect model for the Adidas campaign. Adidas is my favorite sports brand and it made me so happy that sports wear is claiming its place in the fashion world and in fashion week. It makes me so happy that I’m having an entire sports edition featuring this guy … he is one of my favorite male models and I cannot wait to work with him.

Well guys, I think I’m done, I hope you saw symbolism in every outfit like I did! Be yourself and thrive at that!

If you want any of the above outfits, follow the designers on Instagram and click the link on their bio.

Till next week,

     -Xoxo, Kiki.


  YouTube video FRIDAY I’ll put it on here so you can all see it!

 I took none of the pictures  Feautured in this blog.

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Me time

Dear readers,

We all have crazy lives, we all have a bunch of things we do everyday that give us anxiety, stress or just make us down right tired.

It’s very important to have time for your self and unwind, just take a breather and relax, there is a boat load of ideas I have to help you unwind after a long day of school or work, but here are a few of my favorites:

This picture is from Miss Sofia on we heart it.

Get physical💪
Exercise is undoubtedly an incredible way to unwind, it makes for a great night’s sleep and it is perfect stress relief! But hey I get it, some of you don’t want to come home from a tiring day to do more tiring things but if it scares you so much, try some yoga instead.

This is definitely my personal favorite. Simply laying down with head phones on and your head up in the clouds. I find this so relaxing, I tend to listen to music as I go about my daily duties, but I do appreciate spending time with my playlist and letting my brain float.


Because reading is enjoyable and fundamental.

I love reading, a person who reads lives 1000 lives, it’s nice to slip away and live in a different world for a little bit. So disappear with your favorite book, not only is it great for the brain but it’s an enjoyable practice.

Binge watch your favorite series📺

I personally love the 100, but we all have that one television series that we love! Watch till your eyes fall out! Invite your boys/girls over and order a pizza! Hey, the lazy sky is the limit!

Go to a cafè or restaurant 

Nothing fancy! Dress nice and comfortable, look abit cute just to give yourself a feel good! Get a croissant, do some writing whatever suits your fancy! 

And this is where I talk fashion. Honey, comfort never looked so cute!

Your favorite sweater and your favorite pair of jeans! Add a thin chocker and cute earrings as accessories add a glossy red lip! Easy peasy!!! 
But do remember not to fear uncomfortable days, those are the days we find ourselves. 

          Xoxo, Kiki💋


I think you know this by now but I still must say, my photographer is Joseph Kinyoda… Instagram @josephkinyoda do follow him.

Thank you to Gisela for gifting me this chocker which is one of my obsessions💖

Mum, thanks for giving me something to write about. 

And to all my readers. THANK YOU!!!


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