I get it.

Dear readers, Well I’ve not lived very long, 14 years to be precise. So I don’t know much. I haven’t been through enough to say, but I know for sure that high school has undoubtedly been more difficult than any other phase of my life thus far.  Losing friends happens to every ‘high schooler’ on the planet and the thing is it’s not just losing a friend by no communication or by just gradually growing distant. It’s always painful, it’s always ugly []

2 bloggers and a designer.

Dear readers, Have you heard?  So Tatiana Kiara from all things Kiki and Nyawira Mumenya from curves with style worked with the designer el_afrique to showcase off shoulder ankaras! I know right? Sounds amazing! With no further a do …  ALL THINGS KIKI X CURVES WITH STYLE  NYAWI: Has on a yellow Ankara, she pairs this off with dark denim jeans and bright coloured open toed heels.  Tip – Nyawira has a head scarf on as a head piece, alternatively just do []