Did you forget our anniversary?!

Dear readers,

This being my one year anniversary, I used photos I never got round to using through out the year.

So lately I’ve been on a journey, really just feeling things out and making epic realizations.

Sometimes it really isn’t worth the pain. This blog is about what roles people play in our lives and how I discovered some people don’t even really need to be in our lives at all.

So let’s start with relationships shall we? I believe in feeling prioritized. You know, when you label someone your girlfriend or boyfriend it means that they are not the same as all your friends and therefore should not be treated as though they are, that’s just how I feel. Both of you should make each other feel special, I personally can’t deal with indecisiveness, you can’t be sure of something and then literally two seconds later you aren’t sure anymore, I really get bothered by that. When you get to a point in your relationship where you don’t even know how to act around your significant other because you are unsure of their moods or their feelings for you. LEAVE! Do not ignore truths for temporary happiness or comfort, that is a terrible form of self destruction.

Friendships, the only way I figured this out is by asking myself questions. Sometimes we’re mixed up with mean girls and mean people in general, I said to myself, Kiara you can’t be okay with this just because it’s not you on the receiving end, can you? The answer was no and then I had to realize that it’s okay to get people out of your life, to move away from toxic people, to stop crying over people, to stop trying to be like people, it’s okay to let go.

Also, I have this really bad habit of putting people first and putting their feelings before mine. If you are anything like me, it’s not good. You need to put yourself, your body and your wellness before anything.

And finally, do things at your own time, the way it makes you comfortable always, we all have different coping mechanisms and ways we go about our problems, it takes time.

Ladies and gents, today marks one year of All things Kiki so raise your phones and let’s toast to this amazing day. This has been such a success this far and I cannot wait to move forward with my Kiki Pride. I love you all and I love to write, thank you for reading and putting up with the missed deadlines and the months of missing in action. For all the fan pages and sweet emails, I am eternally grateful.

Song of the blog: Youth by Shawn Mendes and Khalid.

Joseph Kinyoda, Mike Mwaura, Nyawira Mumenya, Wilkings Fadhili, Tiffany Kendi, Rika Wardrobe, Saru Organics among many amazing people I have worked with. Cheers.

-Yours truly, Kiki.


Special thanks to: Parents dearest.

All my friends and my boyfriend who actually in his own way reminded me to blog today.

Gemma and Samiha because you just deserve to be mentioned, this year has been crazy.

http://www.bulukeinc.com has a story about me go find it! Thanks Ellein.

Announcement: The site is about to change in terms of design because we hit a year guysssss!

Kiki Pride xoxo

2 bloggers and a designer.

Dear readers,

Have you heard? 

So Tatiana Kiara from all things Kiki and Nyawira Mumenya from curves with style worked with the designer el_afrique to showcase off shoulder ankaras!

I know right? Sounds amazing!

With no further a do … 


NYAWI: Has on a yellow Ankara, she pairs this off with dark denim jeans and bright coloured open toed heels. 

Tip – Nyawira has a head scarf on as a head piece, alternatively just do a high bun at the top of your head and have stronger make up on.

KIKI: I have on a more layered top in terms of color and I totally accesorized to the minimum for the more edgy look. I have on some black boots that have a heel to give the ‘boss’ and confident vibe. I have on no neck lace and therefore kept my earrings long. My jeans are high waisted and ripped for the edgy look.

Tip – Try white skinny jeans with your Ankara and a pair with your favorite sunglasses.

Remember that to truly rock an outfit you need to feel confident. Be the boss you were made to be and own the look. 

Ankaras come in all sorts of shapes and colors. Long, short and with different colors and sleeves. 

Choose and accessorize according to what Ankara you own. Try to keep your bottoms plain as well let the design speak for its self. 


And that’s a wrap for this AMAZING collaboration!

Make sure to check out http://www.curveswithstyle.com

Thanks to: My mom and dad for being of great support, my best friends, Miss_nyawi and el_afrique and to the photographer, Isaac. And all you readers, Keep being amazing.

SONG OF THE BLOG: Revival – Selena Gomez, because I’ve been gone for a while figuring everything out. 😘😗

This has been Tatiana Kiara, you have read all things Kiki. Don’t leave before commenting below and following.

                    Till next week, Xoxo Kiki.


It’s Kiki and welcome to all things kiki.

The sun’s out and that means it’s time to take you down to the mother land and bring on the colour, print and V-Neck.
Dashikis modernized African fashion, they are so easy to wear and anyone can rock them! They are different, comfortable, chic and trending.

Here are the different ways we can rock dashikis for your dress and body type as well as circumstance:

You gotta be careful with this look … I paired this blue dashiki with black shorts … I would suggest a good pair of sneaks or black ankle length boots for a good shoe choice. Who wouldn’t be tempted to pair this look with some tan Brown knee high boots? Don’t. Why? Well you have your self a gorgeous blue top, if your feeling edgy do more of a heel this will give you a sexy yet chilled look the tanned boots will act as a colour block and make your look dull.

I accessorized with a sling dashiki bag and a thick leather choaker … (or as my 8 year old neighbor called it… The dog collar) These put the theme of your look together. You can substitute with a simple neck lace and clutch purse. 

Never underestimate the power of accessories

I kept the eye make up subtle for this but did a red matte lip, you can copy this example or do a purple lip, whatever pops!

This look pushes you out of your comfort zone and let’s you do casual, cool and sexy in one look.

Unleash your inner Beyonce and own look one!

For those of you who prefer a ‘less look’ you can still rock this look in your own way… How? Well…

May I present look 2! Cool kids this is for you. Throw some flats of your own choice on and a pale scarf over your blue dashiki and some black ripped shorts and voila!!! It’s cute, trendy and comfortable. Less is more with this look …

 Keep the makeup light and the lip colour matching with the scarf of your choice.

Instead of a scarf you can choose to wear a long necklace and an anklet to piece the look together. Remember that with this look you can do with your hair what you please! 


If you prefer a warmer look:

Dashikis can be rocked in cool colours like blue and vibrant colours such as Orange and yellow.

I like to pull these looks off low key. Simple and pretty, it expresses positivity and warmth, I tried to pull this off and show case simplicity:

  • If you are to accessorize use fringe bags and tan browns, I used a colourful bandana and kept the rest of this look quite low key because the colours are quite vibrant and loud, we’d like to be sure were not over accessorizing (no one wants to look like they got swallowed by a rainbow, digested by a fruit basket and thrown up by a fairy) so keep accessories on the minimum.

Keeping the accessories on the minimum, keep the make up between pink, red and nude. 

I want to see how you can pull off this look. Tag me in your instagram posts @tatiana.kiara and message me the pictures of your looks on Facebook @Tatiana Kiara … And snap chat me the looks as well @misstati7 


Here’s a fun fact about me … I don’t like showing my arms … And just how that makes me uncomfortable, showing your legs might be completely out of the question as well! Don’t worry I got you covered. (Get it? *covered* … like no leg?) Ok… Not funny..But anyway:

Perfectly pieced together it’s just enough to stand out yet still go in the crowd. The pop from an over sized hoop ear ring and the white on the dashiki really changes up the typical dashiki style.

With this look you can substitute by putting your hair up with a nice bandana, (watch your colours) and have blue skinny jeans on instead of black. 

For the shoes, do a nice pair of tomys or sandals and for a more edgy look get yourself some metallic flats or take it to another level with metallic stilettos!

Just like the entire look, keep the make up nice and subtle or metallic.

For a warmer look that even the dudes can pull off I suggest to go for yellow or orange dashikis.

To the guys: (or girlfriends who’ll go out and buy their boyfriends dashikis. Yesss I know you alllll)

 Pair jeans with light yellow, blue, white or luminous green dashikis. Some nice high-tops(those sneakers that get to your ankles) will complement the look. And the girls can pull this off too:

Like I said just jeans and a bright dashiki!

Ladies, you can have your jeans ripped or not, accessorize this bright look with a thin choacker or a long necklace for a hot day out. Legs covered but still looking gorgeous!!! 


All thanks to: @dashikipride on instagram for the photos 

All thanks to: @katiejennerslove and _.tiller._ for the dashikis 

Thanks for reading guys!!!! I appreciate it! Please tag me in your dashiki posts and even in any of your fashion posts!  Comment down below and stay tuned for my next blog on Sunday 26 March 2017 (this Sunday) 

Tatiana Kiara is out.Xxx